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Mexico and the United States Working #TogetherForThePlanet

Networking Event in Mexico City Reunites Leaders to Emphasize the Importance of Working Together For The Planet

In November, 2021, PVBLIC Foundation, and the Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola hosted the networking event, “Together For The Planet”, in Mexico City. The working lunch recapped some of the key points discussed during COP26 and summarized conclusions from the first edition of Together For The Planet: Accelerating Action on Climate Change in Mexico and the Americas, which was hosted with the U.S. Department of State in September.

Over 35 guests attended the networking event, including Stephanie Syptak- Ramnath, Deputy Chief of Missions at US Embassy in Mexico. Deputy Chief Syptak- Ramnath shared the main climate goals and opportunities between Mexico and the United States.

PVBLIC Foundation President, Stephen Keppel was also in attendance and reiterated the importance of public-private partnerships, saying that “Partnerships between the public and private sectors are key to fighting climate change at the necessary speed”.

He also noted the important role that civil society plays in combating climate change through key measures such as proposing innovative solutions that can accelerate climate action and highlighting new leaders that can drive the transformation we need.

A panel discussion, Mexico Working for Climate Change After COP26, featured Martha Delgado, Undersecretary of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights at the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Mexico, Patricio Caso Prado, Public Affairs Director for Coca-Cola México, Carolina Nieto, Country Director Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean for Ashoka, and Enrique Perret, Director US Mexico Foundation. The conversation highlighted the roles that different sectors must assume to ensure that climate actions continue to be implemented in between COP meetings.

“We are convinced that climate action needs to be a joint effort between the public, private, and civil sectors, as a continuous reminder of our responsibility,” said Patricio Caso Prado.

Although COP26 mentioned the elimination of fossil fuel subsidies for the first time, and included financial pledges to double funding for developing countries by 2025, previously established targets have not been reached.

“We’re excited about the impact that the Together for the Planet series has had in a short time and we look forward to expanding the conversation on climate solutions throughout the Americas in 2022. There is still a lot of work to do. ” said Stephen Keppel.

Convening's that bring together different countries and different sectors, like the Together For The Planet working lunch, will remain on the agenda as we work collectively to achieve our climate goals.

Watch the best moments from the event here

You can learn more about PVBLIC’s work in Latin America and how to be involved in our next event, the Latino Impact Summit, here

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