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CCE Hub Latin America Launches Incubation and Acceleration Programs

CCE Hub Latin America opens the call for entrepreneurs and start-ups for its Incubation and Acceleration programs.

CCE Hub Latin America, the climate action program launched by the PVBLIC Foundation in collaboration with CleantechHUB, aims to address urgent climate challenges in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, expanding its impact throughout South America and the Caribbean.

The CCE Hub Latin America program is part of the U.S. Department of State's Coalition for Climate Entrepreneurship (CCE). This public-private partnership aims to address the climate crisis and promote economic empowerment in developing countries by fostering entrepreneurship focused on climate solutions.

CleantechHUB, as an integral part of this project, presents its outstanding Incubation and Acceleration programs for the CCE Hub in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. These programs, designed to support and develop climate solution-focused ventures in the Latin America and Caribbean region, will begin their application period targeting entrepreneurs and start-ups with innovative ideas to combat climate change and build a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Incubation Call:

During the Incubation phase, selected participants receive training and personalized mentoring to turn their ideas into solid and executable business models. This process is essential for laying the groundwork for innovative projects that address the region's climate challenges.

The call will be open to all entrepreneurs and start-ups from March 1 to May 10, 2024, locally; the CCE Hub of Colombia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala will respectively assume the selection of the next beneficiary projects of the incubation process while the call remains open.

Acceleration Call:

The Acceleration Program empowers entrepreneurs to take their projects to the next level, preparing them to connect with potential clients and key allies. Through additional training sessions and intensive mentoring, participants refine their business models and prepare to make a significant impact in the fight against climate change.

This program is regional in nature, and its selection process, which will begin on March 1 and end on April 14, 2024, will be handled by CleantechHUB.

Both programs culminate in a competition where participants present their business models to a panel of experts. The most outstanding projects receive recognition at both the national and regional levels, thus strengthening climate innovation throughout the LATAC region.

For more information about the CCE Hub Latin America program and CleantechHUB's Incubation and Acceleration Program, visit their website.

PVBLIC Foundation is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes media, data, and technology for sustainable development and social impact worldwide. The foundation has managed over 100 campaigns, programs, and partnerships, raising over $20 million in funding and reaching over one billion people in 125 countries.

CleantechHUB, which began in Colombia in 2019 and in Mexico in 2021, inspires, mobilizes, connects, and catalyzes green entrepreneurship through comprehensive programs of ideation, incubation, acceleration, and cleantech innovation. The organization has supported over 500 early-stage climate entrepreneurs and mobilized more than 3,000 climate entrepreneurship and cleantech innovation ecosystems across Central America.

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