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We Need You!

Together we can scale our impact to inconceivable levels.

The world has lost nearly 3 million people from the Covid-19 pandemic, a truly tragic and mind-breaking toll. The UN estimates that the pandemic is reversing decades of progress and recent reporting suggests that development and poverty trends have been set back about 25 years.

2020 forced us to see how our inability to improve global public health, combat climate change, or adequately deal with racial, gender and economic inequalities could create such harm on a massive scale.

This year the world needs all of us, activists, media leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, philanthropists and public officials to do all that we can to make progress and move forward.

PVBLIC is a strategic partner for two key UN campaigns in 2021 focused on increasing vaccinations and combating climate change and we’re calling on you to help us and join in the effort as a partner and supporter.

  • We need influencers to help spread the message on social media.

  • We need brands, media, and advertising firms to use their channels, spaces, products, and platforms to distribute campaign content.

  • We need resources to take these campaigns to the next level.


Together we can scale our impact to inconceivable levels. Every one of you can do one thing, make one introduction, take one action, or activate your company and staff. Join us and let's be creative to use the power of media and technology to change the world!

Many thanks for your support.

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