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PVBLIC joins Mayssa Karaa and 88 musicians from 26 countries to create the song “PAUSE FOR HUMANITY

“We sing of hope, not for what the future may bring, but for what we may bring to the future”

The world has been facing one of the biggest challenges in generations. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected each of us and our families in different ways. The toll and repercussions of this catastrophe have helped us realize that we are all united to fight this battle as ONE. “Pause for Humanity” is an invitation to come together and eliminate all the external negativity around, to filter the noise in the world and start from within, while getting in touch with our inner self, our minds to find healing from the chaos, stress, pressure, and trauma. American-Lebanese artist Mayssa Karaa shared Gandhi’s message:

"If you want to change the world, start with yourself."

The song features 88 musicians from 26 countries, representing every corner of the world. The music aims to raise awareness on the importance of being there for each other and supporting each other during these difficult times, especially for those who have been significantly affected by the pandemic. “Pause for Humanity” carries messages of hope, positivity, and solidarity for every human being in the world.

"Pause for Humanity" features the voice of Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Mayssa Karaa, and was written by Pedro Osuna and Paola Munda to encourage audiences around the world to pause, reflect, and self-actualize in a message of kindness, hope, and healing. The song features a special introduction by Deepak Chopra.

"This song is very important to us because it reminded us that music has the power to heal and bring people together, at a time we need it more than ever in our lifetimes. Since it’s women’s history month, I also want to say to the young female creators out there: dream, create, collaborate, and help each other, and don’t listen to anyone who tells you it’s not possible or it’s not for you," said composer Pedro Osuna.

"Pause for Humanity is so close to my heart especially now. It was my prayer, from a seed of one of my dreams. This song was born from the desire to create something that would unify and demonstrate that every single one of us can make a difference, no matter how hard the times we are facing. May we all take advantage of what the world is going through now, to reset completely and build a new form of 'humanity', and may this piece spread the desire to be kind and compassionate with each other,” stated songwriter Paola Munda.

Clint Valladares, the project’s Chief Strategist, worked together with Rukus Avenue Chairman Sammy Chand to enlist the PVBLIC Foundation, an organization with a track record of managing global movements. The vision was to help build the global strategy and align the song with the Sustainable Development Agenda, in addition to delivering this song in time for the celebration of Women’s History Month. Rukus Avenue has a long history of music initiatives with a cause, including past work with President Obama and the United Nations.

"At PVBLIC, we are proud to work with the incredible artists on this song, given their heartfelt commitment to not only advancing the Sustainable Development Goals but also using their network and working with their talent to raise awareness on important global issues. We are excited for this opportunity to partner and showcase how music can be a means to promote women and gender equality to achieve sustainable development," said Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Executive Chairman of the PVBLIC Foundation.

PVBLIC Foundation has been a proud supporter and advocate for the SDGs since their development, helping to accelerate and advance them, through various partnerships and programs, including the creation of the SDG Media Zone, a platform for connecting people, ideas, and resources. Through “Pause for Humanity,” music will be incorporated into the SDG Media Zone campaign as a way to promote sustainable development.

"Mayssa's captivating voice on a memorable melody by Paola Munda, with orchestration and production by the talented Pedro Osuna is refreshing. Her message calls on us to overcome adversity and to use our inner strength in the chaos. We look forward to supporting this song as a medium to drive awareness around humanitarian and social issues related to the sustainable development agenda," stated Kerry Bannigan, President of the Board of PVBLIC Foundation.

Pause for Humanity” will be released worldwide through the Rukus Avenue Music Group and will be aligned to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. All proceeds from this song will benefit programs to advance the SDGs and funds will be managed by PVBLIC Foundation.

For additional information on supporting the advancement of the SDGs please contact

Special thanks to Deepak Chopra, Clint Valladares, Sammy Chand, and Sergio Fernandez de Cordova for their tireless efforts in making sure this song reaches the world.

This song is distributed by Rukus Avenue Music Group.

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