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PVBLIC Foundation Announces Leadership Expansion: Kerry Bannigan Assumes Full-Time Executive Role

Kerry Bannigan, Managing Director and President of the Board of Directors, PVBLIC Foundation and  Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Executive Chairman, PVBLIC Foundation at the SDG Media Zone: UNGA 78.

New York – March 27, 2024 – We are excited to announce a transformative milestone for PVBLIC Foundation that reflects the evolution and growth of our global board and executive team. Kerry Bannigan, our esteemed President of the Board of Directors, has also assumed a full-time executive role as Managing Director, signaling a new horizon for our mission and impact.


Kerry's tenure over the last 11 years with PVBLIC Foundation has been distinguished by remarkable achievements across key areas:

  • Global Advocacy and Partnerships: Kerry’s leadership of the SDG Media Zone, in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Global Communications, has unified global voices for sustainable development, reaching over 1.1 billion people in 80 countries at 31 SDG Media Zones in 9 countries; France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Qatar, Spain, United Arab Emirates and USA.

  • Innovative Campaigns for Social Change: Under her guidance, PVBLIC has championed impactful programs like "It's On Us" and Michelle Obama’s "Drink Up" campaign, leveraging media to drive societal change.

  • Fostering Creative Economies: Kerry has led global fashion and media initiatives, promoting the creative economy as a sustainable change catalyst, highlighted by her work with the Fashion Impact Fund and the United Nations Fashion and Lifestyle Network.

Upon this leadership expansion, Kerry immediately began spearheading the conference management committee for the fourth International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS4), a pivotal global convening in collaboration with the government of Antigua and Barbuda and the United Nations. Her leadership in mobilizing a global community for this significant event underscores the vital role she plays in our pursuit of sustainable development.


"Kerry's journey with PVBLIC Foundation, from its early days to this pivotal moment, has been nothing short of transformative. Her unparalleled dedication and visionary leadership have not only propelled our mission forward but have also redefined the boundaries of what we believed possible," said our Executive Chairman, Sergio Fernandez de Cordova. "As Kerry steps into her role as Managing Director, I am filled with an immense sense of pride and anticipation. Her track record of innovative and impactful leadership assures me that we are on the cusp of an era marked by groundbreaking achievements and lasting impact. Kerry embodies the spirit of disruptive engagement and collaboration that is the hallmark of PVBLIC Foundation. Together, we stand on the threshold of a transformative future, ready to elevate our mission to new heights. This is more than a new chapter; it's a new horizon for PVBLIC, where our commitment to sustainable development and impactful change becomes more potent and far-reaching than ever before."


Kerry adds: “I am profoundly honored and energized to step into this full-time executive role within PVBLIC Foundation, a journey that mirrors my personal and professional commitment to global sustainable development. The opportunity to lead this remarkable organization into its next chapter is both a privilege and a profound responsibility. As we look forward, I am committed to deepening our impact, expanding our reach, and fostering innovative collaborations that drive tangible progress. This is a pivotal time for action, innovation, and leadership in sustainable development, and I am ready to propel PVBLIC Foundation to new heights of effectiveness and impact.”


Kerry's influence and recognition extend well beyond PVBLIC, marked by her roles as an Earth Day ambassador, an advocate for the Swarovski Foundation’s Creatives for Our Future program, and her acknowledgment by Rivet50 as a key agent of change in the business of denim. Her thought leadership and advocacy have earned her a spot on global stages, including the United Nations, COP, Drapers Sustainable Fashion Conference, Pure London, and numerous sustainable fashion events. Her recognition in outlets like BBC, Business of Fashion, Drapers, Elle, Forbes, InStyle, Vogue Business, and WWD underscores her commitment to driving meaningful change on a global scale.


As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we are inspired by the prospects of achieving even greater impact. This is a pivotal moment for PVBLIC Foundation, and we invite our community, partners, and supporters to join us in this journey toward sustainable development and impactful change.


This is more than just a transition; it's a collective call to action for all of us to rally behind Kerry’s leadership and PVBLIC Foundation’s mission. Together, we will continue to forge ahead, making significant strides in our commitment to creating a better world for all.


Together, let's embrace this opportunity to innovate, impact, and inspire – onward and upward.

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