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Partnership for the Establishment of a SIDS Global Data Hub: PVBLIC Foundation, Antigua and Barbuda, and AOSIS Sign Historic Tripartite Agreement at UNGA 78'

MOU Signing between the Alliance of Small Islands States (AOSIS), the government of Antigua and Barbuda and PVBLIC Foundation representatives.

It is imperative that we prioritize the world’s most vulnerable communities. During the Family Offices for Sustainable Development (FOSD) events at the 78th UN General Assembly, FOSD hosted the tripartite MOU signing ceremony between PVBLIC Foundation, Antigua and Barbuda, and the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) to collaborate on the creation of a SIDS Global Data Hub. An inter-regional platform, the SIDS Global Data Hub will help AOSIS Member States establish or improve national data centers and create SDG Data Hubs to enhance decision-making, build capacity, track progress, and strengthen the amount and quality of public, private and international development finance.

SIDS Global Data Hub Memorandum of Understanding.

AOSIS, representing 39 small island and low-lying coastal states, has long been at the forefront of advocating for climate action and sustainability on the international stage. PVBLIC Foundation now has the mandate to mobilize family offices via FOSD to help finance the development of a SIDS Global Data Hub through the SDG Data Alliance, while creating innovative new partnerships to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs in island nations.

After the signing, we were honored to be joined by Prime Minister Gaston Browne from Antigua & Barbuda for a keynote address, encouraging our UN partners and family offices to participate in this historic moment. Antigua & Barbuda will host the 4th International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS 4) in May of 2024, a once-a-decade summit that will convene all 39 heads of state and establish a ten-year global framework of action. FOSD will be there to mobilize family offices and support the achievement of sustainable development goals while mitigating the impacts of climate change on their communities.

PVBLIC Foundation Executive Chairman Sergio Fernandez de Cordova spoke about the significance of the MOU and highlighted PVBLIC’s long-term commitment to support small island nations and least developed countries in their journey towards achieving the SDGs.

During our Family Offices for Sustainable Development, an extraordinarily powerful cello performance ‘Invocation of the Earth’ by musician Michael Fitzpatrick, took place after the signing ceremony.

Musician Michael Fitzpatrick perfoming the 'Invocation of the Earth' cello solo.

Congratulations to AOSIS and Antigua and Barbuda for setting a powerful example of unity in pursuit of a sustainable future. Let's continue to work together, hand in hand, to protect our planet and ensure a better tomorrow for all.

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