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Mobilizing Media to Drive Social Change

PVBLIC Foundation advises non-profits and communications teams and works with its media network to place and amplify social impact advertising campaigns in the US and around the world.

At PVBLIC Foundation, we know that media has the power to drive social impact. We utilize the power of media for action and work strategically to pair media assets with key nonprofits at the local, national and global levels. We then use existing and emerging technologies to increase awareness around important causes and partners amplify their social impact message.

“Media and technology can help people learn about important issues and causes, and then connect and mobilize to create real impact in the world. PVBLIC is helping amplify the message of those important initiatives to facilitate that impact.” - PVBLIC Executive Director, Daniel Wilkins.

Over the past ten years, we have had the honor of partnering with numerous nonprofits, governments and social impact initiatives around the world.

Last year we teamed up with the United Nations to help amplify their COVID-19 vaccine equity messaging. Starting in March 2021 we helped bring the “#OnlyTogether” campaign to 22 countries through the strategic use of Out-of-Home Media.

The campaign emphasized the need for global solidarity to ensure vaccines are accessible in all countries. We utilized our media expertise to place messaging in Argentina, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Chile, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, US, Canada, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea and Malaysia.

Later in 2021, we served as the strategic communications partner for the United Nation Development Program’sDon’t Choose Extinction” campaign, which features a UN address from Frankie the Dinosaur and a plea for humanity to take action on climate before its too late. The campaign shines a spotlight on fossil fuel subsidies and how they are canceling out significant progress towards ending climate change and are driving inequality by benefiting the rich. Through our media partnerships, we launched this campaign across Out-of-Home, radio, television and streaming services. To date, this initiative has delivered over 250 million media impressions and will continue throughout 2022.

Another important collaboration has been our partnership with the US-based non-profit OneTen. OneTen’s mission is to hire, promote and advance one million Black individuals who do not have a four-year degree into family-sustaining careers over the next 10 years. PVBLIC is helping to amplify their message in key markets across the United States. To date, we have launched Out-of-Home campaigns in Dallas/Ft. Worth and Raleigh/Durham. The plan is to roll this messaging out to 20 US markets by the end of 2022.

“Using media for social good is part of our DNA. We are inspired by our partners’ initiatives and campaigns and are grateful for the opportunity to amplify their reach to strategic markets and countries around the world,” -Stephen Keppel, PVBLIC President

As PVBLIC grows and expands into new areas media and advertising remain at our core. We will continue to find new ways to utilize our media relationships and networks to shine a spotlight on the important work being done by changemakers around the world.

If you have a campaign and are interested in collaborating with us please send us an email!

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