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We're Hiring A Director of Finance and Operations

PVBLIC Foundation is in the process of building a team of highly qualified professionals focused on managing and expanding our suite of programs and accelerating impact while increasing and diversifying worldwide philanthropic revenue.

The Foundation is currently looking for an organized, reliable, hard-working individual with financial, accounting and operational experience to serve as Director of Finance and Operations.

Roles & Responsibilities:

This person will be tasked with overseeing financial and operational activities, reporting revenue on a programmatic basis, training accounting staff, and budgeting, while ensuring efficiency and smooth workflow. The responsibilities will revolve around, coordinating with different departments to gather data, conducting research and analysis to disbursing funds to departments, managing risk, developing and implementing policies, managing all financial accounts as well as providing general operations and program management support to the President and executive committees of the board of directors.

Furthermore, as a director, it is essential to lead and encourage the workforce to reach goals, all while continuing to improve financial processes and develop innovative policies and regulations as the organization grows.

  • Monitoring and tracking cash flow, personnel and payroll data to provide relevant management information

  • Coordinating and directing the preparation of the budget and financial forecasts and report variances

  • Providing strategic financial and operational recommendations to the president and members of the executive management team

  • Advising on short and long-term financial planning

  • Reviewing, and in some cases, overseeing formal finance, HR and IT related procedures

  • Performing research and analysis to identify the best practices to optimize operations

  • Identifying and supporting new funding opportunities and monitoring the progress of various projects and programs. This includes tracking proposals, projects, partnerships, managing databases and creating timelines for development and execution.

Candidate Profile:

The ideal candidate has experience managing financial accounts, solid communication skills, intellectual curiosity and agility, and a sincere interest in and understanding of philanthropy and sustainable development.

In addition to having a passion and energy for the mission and work of the PVBLIC Foundation, she or he will have strong relationship management skills and dedication to best practices.

The Director of Finance and Operations will possess the organization, focus, poise, and experience to work with many different actors internally at PVBLIC and externally with partners in the philanthropy, non-profit, government, and private sectors.


  • 5+ years of experience in finance or accounting

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting or Economics

  • Thorough knowledge of accounting principles and procedures

  • Strong analytical skills and self-starter

  • Experience creating financial statements

  • Experience writing policies and procedures

  • Experience fundraising for projects and programs

  • Experience working with or alongside non-profits, foundations, multilateral organizations, or government agencies

  • Ability to prioritize multiple high-priority projects simultaneously

  • Being engaged in philanthropy, social impact and sustainable development issues

  • Good communication skills

  • Operational experience implementing across internal and external stakeholders

For more information please contact us with your resume and cover letter describing why you would be a great fit for this role.

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About PVBLIC Foundation

PVBLIC Foundation is an innovative non-profit organization that mobilizes media, data, and technology for sustainable development and social impact around the world. The Foundation connects public, private, and nonprofit sectors, plugging innovations into social agendas and helping governments, NGOs, and intergovernmental organizations amplify their impact through original programs, creative partnerships, and strategic donor funds. The foundation has managed programs and partnerships that have reached more than a billion people in 125 countries and inspired global action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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