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PVBLIC Foundation Announces New President

PVBLIC Foundation has named Stephen Keppel as President as part of its efforts to institutionalize existing programs and expand globally

NEW YORK, USA, November 11, 2020 / Stephen Keppel joins PVBLIC after more than a decade as a creative and entrepreneurial social impact executive who most recently led teams at Univision and the Univision Foundation.

Reporting to Executive Chairman Sergio Fernández de Córdova and the Executive Board, Stephen will help lead PVBLIC as it implements a new strategic plan focused on strengthening the organization’s infrastructure, expanding and diversifying funding opportunities, enhancing the impact and reach of programs, and defining PVBLIC as a leader in the mission to advance sustainable development around the world.

He was previously the Vice President of Social Impact at Univision where he helped create and lead the company’s social impact and corporate responsibility division. In 2017, he helped launch the Univision Foundation and served as its first Executive Director. Stephen has been recognized as a Media Leader by the World Economic Forum at events in Latin America, China and Davos and received a UN media leadership award for his work on climate change in 2015.

“Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge to PVBLIC that will help us live out our mission and advance sustainable development and investments around the world. His unique experience and skill set will serve us well as we continue to work with public, private and multilateral partners to scale impact on the sustainable development goals,” said Executive Chairman Sergio Fernandez de Cordova.

Before Univision, Stephen spent four years at the Economist Group in London where he was an Editor & Economist focused on Latin America and the Caribbean. He has been involved in Haiti since teaching school there in 2003-04. He later created the Economic Growth Initiative for Haiti (EGI) to provide training, mentoring and financing to young Haitian entrepreneurs in Port-au-Prince. Stephen graduated from the University of Notre Dame with degrees in marketing and psychology and holds a master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University. He received an Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from Duke University in 2019 and is based in Miami, FL.

“PVBLIC is unique in the philanthropy sector because it has been built to innovate and adapt. It is poised to meet the current moment and emerge from 2020 more resilient, influential, and impactful than ever,” said Stephen. “I am humbled and honored to join the team and look forward to working with past, present and future partners to make the world more sustainable, peaceful, prosperous and fair.”

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