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Cameroon SDG Data Alliance Workshop Accelerates Progress on Its Country-Level Action Plan

Image: Stakeholders Convene to Validate Cameroon's Draft National Action Plan for Integrated Geospatial Information Management Framework, National Institute of Cartography (INC) Center, Cameroon, 18-20 October 2023

Mbankomo, Cameroon - Cameroon's government, in collaboration with the National Institute of Cartography, convened an SDG Data Alliance workshop from October 18 to 20, 2023, to validate the National Action Plan for the Integrated Geospatial Information Management Framework (UN-IGIF). The workshop brought together various administrators responsible for producing and utilizing data for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Located in Mbankomo, Cameroon's Central Region, this initiative aims to enhance the country's geospatial information management system and accelerate progress toward achieving the SDGs.

Cameroon, a dynamic nation in Central Africa, faces multifaceted societal, economic, and environmental challenges. Cameroon’s government is dedicated to mobilizing diverse resources and expertise to address these challenges, spanning areas such as health, education, agriculture, economics, and the environment. By fostering collaboration among stakeholders, the Alliance offers training, resources, and information sharing on best data practices. It serves as a crucial platform for generating and sharing high-quality data and establishing spatial data management best practices.

A small team of national experts in geospatial and statistical information management from the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Territorial Development (MINEPAT), the National Institute of Cartography (INC), the National Institute of Statistics (INS), NGOs, and CSOs was mobilized to develop their Country-level Action Plan (CAP). CAP produces elements such as the economic impact and value of the geospatial information system, the identification of needs and investment priorities, and potential sources of financing. The stakeholder workshop was held as part of the methodology and framework developed by the United Nations for the IGIF process. It aligns with national development planning instruments, including Vision 2035 and the National Development Strategy (NDS30).

PVBLIC Foundation is proud to be a leading partner of the SDG Data Alliance and support Cameroon’s government with the drafting of their Plan. The SDG Data Alliance uses funds, expertise and an extensive network of geospatial experts to facilitate stakeholder engagement and ultimately accelerate the achievement of SDGs. 

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