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Advancing Climate Action in the Americas

By: Chabelis Leal- July 15th, 2022

Latin America’s climate is changing. Precipitation patterns are shifting, temperatures are rising, and some areas are experiencing changes in the frequency and severity of weather extremes such as heavy rains. The impacts range from melting Andean glaciers to devastating floods and droughts. The two great oceans that flank the continent—the Pacific and the Atlantic—are warming and becoming more acidic as sea levels rise.

While there is a lot of work to be done, Latin America is home to many entrepreneurs, innovators, companies and civil society organizations who have the desire and ideas to develop new ways to combat climate change.

In order to help advance climate action in the region, PVBLIC Foundation has been collaborating with Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola to unite public and private sector leaders to lay the groundwork for new partnerships that will spur action on climate change in the region.

The partnership began last September with a strategic climate event, Together for the Planet, in Mexico City. The hybrid event was organized by PVBLIC Foundation, the U.S. Department of State, and Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola to accelerate action against climate change in Mexico and the Americas. Together for the Planet featured leading voices on climate from Mexico and the US State Department such as, Martha Delgado, Undersecretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lorenzo Jimenez de Luis, Resident Representative, United Nations Development Programme – UNDP Mexico, Katherine Dueholm, Director for Mexican Affairs, U.S. Department of State and Thomas Debass, Managing Director of Global Partnerships at the U.S. Department of State.

Together for the Planet discussed the fundamental role civil society plays in the process of combating climate change as well as the need to promote and invest more in ventures that provide solutions to climate change. The event has gathered nearly 7,000 streams on youtube and more than 20,000 impressions on social media.

Following the success of the event, PVBLIC and Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola organized a follow up Together for the Planet working lunch which recapped some of the key points discussed during COP26 and summarized conclusions from the first event. Over 35 guests attended the invite-only networking event, including Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath, Deputy Chief of Missions at US Embassy in Mexico. Deputy Chief Syptak-Ramnath shared the main climate goals and opportunities between Mexico and the United States.

Collaborations between PVBLIC Foundation and Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola, continue this year with the Monterrey Climate Innovation Summit. PVBLIC has once again partnered with la Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola along with the Government of Monterrey, Arca Continental, and the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León to create a space for conversations that will address existing climate challenges and drive action. The event will cover a wide range of topics like the circular economy, sustainability, reforestation, and many more. The summit will take place this July 14th and 15th in the Biblioteca Universitaria Raúl Rangel Frias. You can learn more about the agenda here.

“It is great to see that our collective efforts in 2021 to spark dialogue on climate and create partnerships for action in Mexico continue and grow. This amazing partnership with Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola enables us to bring the conversation on climate and sustainability to new leaders, partners and communities through Mexico.” - Stephen Keppel, President of PVBLIC Foundation.

We are also happy to announce that this August, PVBLIC and la Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola will unite once again to organize Together for a Greener Yucatán. The event will take place in Merida as part of the series of conversations organized to advance climate action in Mexico and the Americas, with a special focus on the local issues and progress in Yucatán.

Stay tuned for more information on Together for a Greener Yucatán. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on all of the latest information!

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