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A Roar for Climate Action: Frankie the Dino's Adventures in Colombia

By: Chabelis Leal, Communications Coordinator, PVBLIC Foundation

Map of Bogotá, Colombia highlighting Frankies journey through the city

Frankie the Dino, the charismatic dinosaur who burst into the UN General Assembly Hall in 2021 with a clear message for the world - Don’t Choose Extinction - has continued his mission to encourage action on climate change and end fossil fuel subsidies. Frankie recently embarked on an unforgettable journey to Colombia to spread his message of climate action and conservation across the country.

As a program manager for the campaign PVBLIC Foundation was proud to support the United Nations Development Programme and bring Frankie to South America for the first time.

Let's dive into Frankie's exciting experiences during his time in Colombia!

Day 1: Exploring Chingaza National Park

On the first day of his Colombian adventure, Frankie visited Chingaza National Park, a vital ecosystem that provides 80% of Bogotá's water supply. Bogotá, the capital of Colombia is home to a population of over 10 million people. Here, he learned about the Frailejones, unique plants that capture water vapor from the air and release it through their roots. Frankie was introduced to Frailejón Ernesto Perez, a popular children's character who focuses on environmental awareness.

Day 2: A Walk for Change in Bogotá

Frankie took to the car-free streets of Bogotá during the Ciclovia, spreading the powerful "Don't Choose Extinction" message. His presence attracted attention and generated awareness among the local community. Joining Frankie in this endeavor was Susana Muhamad, Colombia's Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, who lent her support to the cause. Together, they emphasized the importance of taking immediate action to protect our planet.

Day 3: Frankie Goes to Congress

Unafraid to make his voice heard at the highest levels of power, Frankie made a bold move by barging into the Colombian Congress. He delivered a passionate speech about saving biodiversity and the urgency of environmental conservation. By addressing policy makers directly, Frankie aimed to inspire them to prioritize sustainable initiatives and implement policies that support the protection of our ecosystems.

Day 4: Frankie Takes Over Morning TV

Continuing his mission, Frankie made a special appearance on the popular morning show, Día a Día, alongside Jimena Puyana, a Sustainable Development Program Specialist from UNDP Colombia. They engaged in a meaningful conversation about the importance of preserving biodiversity and the need for collective climate action. Frankie's presence on national television amplified the campaign's reach and further motivated viewers to join the cause.

Day 5: FIMA 2023: A Platform for Change

Frankie's journey reached its peak as he attended FIMA 2023, an international climate fair. Here, he shared the stage with influential figures, including Francia Márquez, Vice President of Colombia, and Susana Muhamad, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development. Frankie captivated the fairgoers with his message of climate action, urging them not to choose extinction. By emphasizing the urgency of change, Frankie motivated individuals to become proactive in safeguarding our planet's future.

Frankie Dominates the Media:

Frankie's media reach in Colombia was extensive, garnering significant coverage throughout his journey. The most important national newspapers such as El Tiempo and El Espectador featured articles highlighting his visit to Colombia. His bold move of addressing the Colombian Congress also garnered significant media attention, with major news channels such as Noticias Caracol and Canal 1, reporting on his speech.

Frankie the Dino's time in Colombia proved to be a transformative experience, fueled by the UNDP team and PVBLIC Foundation's support of the "Don't Choose Extinction" campaign. Through his encounters with climate activists, policymakers, and influential figures, Frankie successfully spread awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation and climate action. By inspiring individuals to make conscious choices and advocating for sustainable practices, Frankie's journey in Colombia played a crucial role in shaping a more environmentally conscious society. Let's follow in Frankie's giant footsteps and join the movement to ensure a sustainable and thriving future for all species on Earth.

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