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Engaging Family Offices to help advance the completion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Family Offices for Sustainable Development (FOSD) is an initiative launched by PVBLIC Foundation, the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF), and the UN Office for Partnerships (UNOP) and supported by stakeholders across the United Nations system.

The FOSD offers a trusted and highly effective platform for informing and outreaching to multi-generational and multi-regional family offices, enabling them to draw upon the manifold resources and expertise of the UN to: 


Help meet their investment priorities

Facilitate new engagements and opportunities

for blended investment and public-private cooperation

Advance pandemic recovery in the short-term as well as the achievement of the SDGs in the long run. 


The Family Office for Sustainable Development is currently underwriting family office engagement with a three-pronged approach:


 The FOSD will facilitate family office dialogues with UN leadership through a series of high-level meetings, providing insights into exactly how the UN system works and how families can align their resources with those of the UN to meet specific SDG program funding and post-pandemic initiatives.


The FOSD will help members develop partnerships with UN agencies to channel innovation and align funding to advance COVID-19 recovery and achievement of the SDGs. A goal will be to engage and inspire other like-minded family offices to work with the UN to achieve massive impacts, reshaping our world for the better.


Activate. The FOSD will create action-focused interest groups within the UN that will give family offices a chance to collaborate on specific issues such as pandemic response, climate change, gender equality, and biodiversity conservation.

Mission-vision-PVBLIC .png

Reference image: 2016 Media For Social Impact hosted by PVBLIC at the UN Headquarters


Since 2021 we hosted seven high-level briefings split by five regions, covering 50 Family Offices, with meetings taking place on 28 April, 12 May, 19 May, 9 June, 23 June, September, and 23 October. Resident Coordinators from each of the five regions attended each of these sessions to provide an overview of their role and responsibilities.


The meetings met three main purposes:

  • The meetings followed up on the launch of the Family Office for Sustainable Development concept, a new pilot that is being tested to engage, educate, and spark action within Family Offices on UN priorities.

  • The meetings introduced the offerings of the Fund and the Resident Coordinator/UN Country Team system. Given family offices’ interests and investments in a sustainable future, efforts were made to clarify both the Fund’s short-term emergency response to the pandemic and how these Fund-supported measures will help countries progress towards their longer-term development goals.

  • The meetings advanced the UN Secretary-General’s vision highlighting that the achievement of UN reform and the success of the UN family of organizations “requires a spirit and culture of genuine partnership with all actors around the world: Member States but also regional organizations, international financial institutions, civil society, the private sector, science, academia, and the media.” 

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In 2022, FOSD participants engaged with our UN partners and took action on the SDGs. 


  • At the SDG Lounge during UNGA, sessions on global youth forums, multilateralism, and island resilience took place. Partnerships were announced, and Tonga's commitment to renewable energy was highlighted. 


  • At COP27, the SDG Lounge fostered family office partnerships for climate action and empowered youth participation.  


  • In May 2023, the Family Office Roundtable at the SCALE Global Summit in Las Vegas focused on sustainable investments, the next generation of Family Offices, and gender inequalities in philanthropy. PVBLIC's events exemplified their dedication to advancing sustainable development and fostering collaboration.


You can be part of the FOSD program by participating as: 




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