Dr Iyabo Ojikutu supports the United Nations SDG Media Zone: ECOSOC Youth Forum

The SDG Media Zone will report from the Economic and Social Council Youth Forum on January 30th and 31st at the United Nations Headquarters. With a live broadcast of interviews and panel discussions the SDG Media Zone will engage and allow young people as well as journalists and social media influencers around the world to join the important conversations happening at Forum. It will be an opportunity for young people to speak up about the future they want and how they can lead the development agenda.

Following on from the successful launch of her book ‘Permanent Happiness’ at the United Nations General Assembly Dr Iyabo Ojikutu will return as a key partner of the SDG Media Zone: ECOSOC Youth Forum to show her support for engaging youth in a peaceful future. Her upcoming project focuses on tackling human divisions and inequalities which places her in a unique position to be a positive influence on the lives of kids and youth.

Dr Iyabo Ojikutu comments: “My dream is to empower, motivate, inspire youth all over the world with my experience as a Pediatrician, an entrepreneur, an author and a speaker. I had the great influences of my parents as positive role models growing up, and I’ve also been inspired by many successful and impactful people in the world. My hope and continued dream is to be this hope and light to as many kids and youth as possible.”

“It is the drive, passion and dedication of entrepreneurs like Dr Iyabo Ojikutu that inspire individuals and communities to engage in the Sustainable Development Goals.” shares Kerry Bannigan, SDG Media Zone Executive Producer. “Together with role models like this we build a path towards peace and prosperity with youth’s voice at the center being heard and actioned.”

Dr Iyabo pictured with her daughters

The 2018 UN Economic and Social Council Youth Forum will act as a platform for youth representatives to highlight opportunities, raise concerns and discuss how they are taking action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in their communities, countries and globally. With young people facing a future full of uncertainties due to conflicts, economic variability, climate change, and rising inequalities, it is important that the international community sees young people as agents of change and places them at the centre of the global development process.

The SDG Media Zone is organized by the UN Department of Public Information, the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Office of The Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, the UN Foundation and the Pvblic Foundation. For more information and videos from earlier SDG Media Zones at the UN Headquarters, please visit: un.org/sdgmediazone. Join the conversation online via #SDGLive.


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