All4TheGreen Week - A Call to Action for Humanity to Support Bold Environmental and Climate Change S

Environmental degradation and climate change pose a fundamental threat to economic development. Without bold action to reduce the risks, the impact could undermine the fight against poverty, put prosperity out of reach for millions, and exacerbate inequality for decades to come.

The Connect4Climate program of the World Bank Group, the Ministry for the Environment of the Government of Italy and partners are organizing the All4TheGreen week in Bologna, Italy, June 5-12, in the lead up to the G7 Environment Ministers’ Meeting.

The All4TheGreen week will cover a broad range of climate and environmental topics that make up the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including city-level solutions, mitigation actions, adaptation efforts, private sector participation, global engagement, interfaith dialogues, and more.

All4TheGreen week will host the SDG Media Zone to engage in dynamic discussions and communicate world changing innovations, global partnerships and exciting inventions to a global audience as a call to action for humanity to support bold environmental and climate change solutions. Simultaneously, an SDG Media Zone will take place at the United Nations Ocean Conference in New York June 5 - 8. The programs will enable a live dialog between Bologna and New York.

“We will be hosting a live link between the SDG Media Zones in Bologna and New York engaging audiences in a first time global connection between environmental experts; sharing United Nations messages for action to Bologna. Climate change leaders in Bologna will digitally interface with their peers at the United Nations headquarters in New York and be welcomed to share their voice and commitments to ocean preservation,” shared Kerry Bannigan, SDG Media Zone Executive Producer.

The SDG Media Zones will welcome media, influencers, celebrities, government, organizations and private sector to take part in live broadcast panels, interviews and announcements.

#SDGLive invites the online global community to join the conversation of cross-sector, solutions-oriented engagement in Bologna (#All4TheGreen) and in New York (#SaveOurOcean).

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