President of the United Nations General Assembly Calls on Young Advertising Professionals to Help “S

On Tuesday April 4th, 2017 at the American Association of Advertising Agency's ReSolve, young professionals came together to galvanize and engage humanity to save our oceans.

At the start of a day-long think tank, participants heard from a host of special guests and partners who offered words of inspiration and encouragement to be innovative in their ocean safeguarding thought process.

Creators of the One for All Campaign Jason Harris, President and CEO of Mekanism and Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Founder of PVBLIC Foundation, spoke about the movement they created through working with the United Nations and many civil society partners.

Brand Strategy Head at Twitter, Bridget Harvey then provided tips on the power of social media to spark action and capture audiences.

And finally H.E. Peter Thomson—the 71st President of the United Nations General Assembly briefed the delegates about the Sustainable Development Goals and Ocean Conservation efforts in his video message.

Thomson highlighted that the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development is "the most consequential undertaking of our time."Extenuating the importance of the central passion of his work at the United Nations - saving life in the ocean.

He said that "the Ocean is in dying need of our help" and that "all life on this planet ultimately depends on a healthy Ocean".

Thomson continued by calling upon conference participants:

"If we are to ensure a bountiful planet for ourselves and future generations, the time for action is upon us."

The United Nations will be hosting The Ocean Conference this June in New York City. The President of the UN General Assembly in his address, mentioned that one of the key outcomes of the conference will be the solutions arising from the seven partnership dialogue focused on different aspects of the Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG 14) - Life Below Water.

The conference organizers will be gathering all voluntary commitments that are meeting SDG 14 targets in order to support the implementation of the goal. The commitment registry will be open to all, who have contributions to make and is available on the conference website. H.E. Peter Thomson encouraged ReSolve delegates to register their support as well. (To learn more about SDG 14 targets follow this link)

At the end of his speech Thomson encouraged youth professionals to use their skill sets to transform our world and help better the planet:

"If the SDGs are implemented effectively they will transform the world in which we live for the betterment of the generations to come.

As young professionals you have an especially important contribution to make, especially in the area of consumptions and I urge all of you as individuals to use your unique skill set to raise awareness of the SDGs to help us all achieve the 2030 agenda for the Sustainable Development.

As the advertising elite of tomorrow I call on you to leverage your roles as communicators and creative innovators to be champions of the Sustainable Development Goals.

I call on you to sell the logic and the imperative of the SDGs."

As the H.E. Peter Thomson highlighted "saving the world is a complex business" and it requires all of us, especially younger generations to act now.

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