You can't Blame Your Actions on Autocorrect

Joe Biden releases new It’s On Us spot.

It’s on Us was launched in September 2014 to raise awareness and aid the prevention of sexual assault on U.S college campuses. The campaign, launched by President Barack Obama had gained national acclaim when Vice President Joe Biden introduced Lady Gaga at the 88th Academy Award Ceremony, calling on people to take the pledge at and put their own stop sexual assault.

The provocative and powerful PSA was created by Mekanism, produced by Sister and animated by The Artery. It uses simple images and highlights the importance of words in day-to-day communications.

"Autocorrect" was launched on March 28th and gathered almost 235k YouTube views in the twos days since its release.

Joe Biden tweeted the link to the PSA saying: “The correct word for sex without consent is rape. Period. #ItsOnUs to know the signs and to stop it.”

In its first two years, It’s On Us was able to place the epidemic issue of sexual assault in front of a large, diverse audience and received 400,000 online pledges. The Month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and It's On Us is planning events and rallies all over the country and they want you to join them.

Learn more about It's On Us purpose, events and rallies and take your pledge for sexual assault awareness:

Learn more about PVBLIC's support for the It's On Us campaign launch in 2014:

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