‘One for All’ Campaign featured on AdWeek

January 30, 2017

An exclusive coverage by Adweek was published on Jan 30th by Christine Birkner. Read the article here: How ‘One for All’ Campaign Aims to Change the World



The One for All Campaign, #ONEFORALL campaign was launched on January 31st at the United Nations Headquarters. The event featured the PSA premiere and kicked off the global movement for the next 14 years.


Given the urgency of our times, One For All is the most important campaign on Earth, right now, for our global community. It’s primary mission is to promote the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. These 17 goals exist to address and defeat some of the most daunting economic, social, environmental, and governance challenges that our planet has ever had to face. #ONEFORALL is a 15 year initiative designed to empower each and every one of us to identify an issue and do something about it. It’s a movement of hope, and a movement of individual responsibility. To be a part of it, all one has to do is choose a goal, share the message, and pledge to take action. Because the challenges to our world are bigger than any one of us, but smaller than all of us.

To support the campaign, please pledge at oneforall.org









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