4 Ways to Prepare for Your Social Cause Campaign

You need to learn how to make an impact before you go out and do it.

While launching a social cause campaign can often be joyful and uplifting, it isn’t something to be taken lightly. A lot of time and effort goes into the planning stages of a truly successful effort. And we’re guessing that you’d rather put yourself the path to a winning campaign than a failed, if well-intentioned, attempt at one.

That’s why you’ve got to spend the time doing the research needed to create and launch your campaign in good health. Here are some of the best ways you can prepare for the one you’re about to start – and continue to get ready for future efforts.

1. Research to determine a defined audience

One of your first steps will be to define the audience your campaign is targeting. And we’re not talking just any old group of people — the more specific you can make your target, the better. That’s because, to be honest, most people just aren’t going to respond to generic appeals. Make your message clear and detailed to your specific audience. They’re really going to get enthusiastic about something they identify with, allowing you to further the reach of your mission.

2. Keep learning what your audience cares about

Your audience is only as open of a book as you inspire them to be. If you don’t ask them questions about who they are, what they care about, why they care about it, and what your campaign could mean to them, then you’ll never have the chance to really reach them and build a lasting relationship.

One of the best ways to get educated about what your social cause campaign is truly capable of is by simply asking your audience and gauging their responses. Go to a crowded place and find a creative way to educate people about the topic, gathering opinions along the way. Feedback is a really important step in learning how to launch a social cause campaign — and it’s going to be critical as you develop how to address your prospective supporters going forward.

3. Find others who have paved the way and learn from them

No matter what your campaign is about, and no matter how original it is, there are still going to be others who have gone before you in some way or another. Study the efforts of other organizations. Follow different causes on social media and learn from their example. Allow your campaign to be influenced by those who have paved the way successfully (or otherwise), whether or not their work is related directly to your mission. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those who have done it before and ask for their guidance.

4. Find a nonprofit partner who is willing to advocate for you

You’re an advocate. It’s what you do. But you also need to find someone who is willing to advocate for you. A partner who can guide and support you in launching a campaign.

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