The Third Annual MFSI Summit Encourages Media Leaders to Promote the Use of Media for Social Change

PVBLIC Foundation and the United Nations Office for Partnerships hosted the third annual Media for Social Impact Summit on June 1st at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. This year’s summit united nearly 250 top media executives to foster intelligent conversation about the power of media to address the world’s most pressing social and developmental issues.

“The goal of the summit is to aggregate the powThe Summit highlighted the most engaging and collaborative campaigns in the social impact space. Some of the featured campaigns included: The ‘Angry Birds Happy Planet’ Campaign launched at the International Day of Happiness by Sony Music Entertainment and the United Nations, ‘Love Has No Labels’ by the Ad Council, ‘Youth 4 Global Goals’ presented by AIESEC and UNICEF’s ‘Imagine’.

In the room full of media representatives and influencers to change the conversation in the same way we [media] have the power to create brands, influence people, influence what they do, when or what they wear and where they shop. We believe that this power of influence could also be utilized to engage people, to support organizations, to do good and to make people care about our world,” explains Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Co-Founder and Chairman of PVBLIC.

The Media for Social Impact Summit aims to inspire and activate media executives around social good campaigns to help solve global issues and raise awareness around the Sustainable Development Goals. A collaborative campaign between PVBLIC Foundation and its partners: Mekanism, Creative Science Labs and Exit 10, called One for All was soft launched at the Summit. By presenting the current efforts of the One for All team, PVBLIC called on the participants to join forces and make the Sustainable Development Goals achievable and accessible to every human through raising awareness and understanding and committing to them one at a time.

“In September 2015, all member states came together and adopted the new Sustainable Development Goals, and what is very important now is that as many people as possible know about the goals and what it actually means. It’s all about changing the world and that is why it is so important that all of you are here today, because we really need your help, “says Ms. Ann de la Roche, Officer-in-Charge and Chief of Operations, UNOP.

“You are here today because you are the powerful individuals that care about our world. You have already proven your immense talents in various industries and now you have the chance to transcend this room and help us make history by amplifying the message of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and make sure that is heard by everyone," states David Nabarro, Special Adviser on 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to the United Nations Secretary - General

Award-winning journalist Nadira Hira hosted the daylong event, which engaged media specialists and UN delegates in a series of panel and roundtable discussions, keynotes, and interviews, directed toward attaining the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Speakers included Geena Rocero, Founder of Gender Proud; Christie Marchese, Founder of Picture Motion, Mauricio Sabogal, Global CEO of Kinetic Worldwide; Jacki Kelley, COO of Bloomberg Media; Terre Blair, Executive Prducer of Big Prooblems. Big Thinkers. Film; Jesse Robinson, Founder of Tyler Robinson Foundation and Peter Koechley Co-CEO of Upworthy.

The main partner of the Summit was Conversant Media Group and technology partner Eventmobi. Other supporters included: Soap Walla, Deep River Snacks, FAIR., Go Raw, El Voyage, Kameda and Green2o.

To learn more about the Summit and to stay up to date with the initiative please visit:

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