You CAN make a difference

It’s 2016 and it’s no secret that social platforms dominate our lives. Tweets, ‘grams, posts flood our screens at a rapid pace. As a 23-year-old, I love it. News and updates are now front and center, and easily catered to our interests and lifestyle.

Social networking is allowing us to become educated on issues and people that we may have been unfamiliar with or blind to. Personally, the struggles that women; minorities; and LGBTQ people face are issues I’m closely invested in. With a constant news feed of events and updates my ability to be informed is enhanced.

Awareness is key but only the first step. Action is required to make an everlasting difference. Leading into why we’re asking for individuals across the globe to participate in Youth 4 Global Goals #Youth4GG. This campaign and movement encourages young people to generate awareness among peers and forging simple, custom commitments. It’s easy, quick, and relies on our interpersonal network for success.

When making a clear and actionable commitment and putting it out into the world, you’re letting others know that something WILL be done about the issues at hand that many individuals face. Let’s improve many topics with today’s mediums.

Check out the toolkit here and make your own profile photo or share a ready-to-post version.

Tami J. is 23-year-old graduate of Texas State University. In her spare time she enjoys urban culture, discussing social justice issues and works on writing her first full length book.

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