Importance of Business & Media in Sustainable Development Highlighted in New SDG Fund Harvard Ke

Since the UN General Assembly’s formal adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in September, the United Nations Office of Partnerships has been diligently working on how to publicize the goals and engage the global audience when they formally launch in January 2016.

The private sector has been identified as a key influencer to success in terms of sustainable development, and on November 11th, 2015 the SDG Fund released an official white paper report entitled “Business and the United Nations: Working Together Towards the Sustainable Development Goals: A framework for Action” to highlight the importance of public-private partnerships in terms of sustainable development.

"From the outset, the SDG Fund has been working to ensure that businesses are at the negotiating table to design new partnerships and initiatives. Through combining our distinct but complementary resources, technology, skills and networks, the SDG Fund can work with the private sector towards common objectives such as building inclusive markets, combating environmental sustainability, improving food security and promoting social inclusion." - Paloma Duran - Director, SDG Fund

The high profile report was produced in collaboration with Harvard Kennedy’s School CSR Initiative and Business Fights Poverty, featuring insights from executives in the SDG Fund Private Sector Advisory Group. The advisory group is a collection of key stakeholders within the private sector from around the world who have been influencers in the area of the sustainable development.

The report is unique and offers advice and insights to businesses from their peers about how to get involved in the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Overall, it serves as a toolkit demonstrating how businesses can engage, work with the United Nations, and work with the fund at all levels of the hierarchy.

Among the members of the Private Sector Advisory Group is Sergio Fernández de Córdova, Co-Founder and Chairman of PVBLIC Foundation, who has been involved with the SDG Fund for over two years. In the report he was quoted emphasizing the importance of the publishing of the report.

The PVBLIC Foundation was featured within the report as one of the case studies due to its influential and successful role in helping to facilitate public-private partnerships. Within the case study, two of PVBLIC’s most prominent partnerships are highlighted: including the Media for Social Impact (MFSI) platform in collaboration with the United Nations Office of Partnerships and the “It’s On Us” campaign in partnership with the White House. The MFSI platform features an annual summit at the United Nations organized by PVBLIC to gather high profile media leaders and influencers and stress the importance of media in creating social impact. The 2015 MFSI Summit gathered over 350 of these media leaders, influencers and UN officials to help focus the media and advertising world’s attention to the SDGs; launching a 15-year strategy called the Most Important Campaign. Additional emphasis at #MFSI2015 was put on the importance of partnerships between the various UN agencies and the private sector in order to create long term meaningful partnerships to aid the media and communications strategy for the SDG's.

In addition to all these initiatives, PVBLIC has also been bringing together media and communication resources to help the SDG Fund prepare for the official launch, by identifying key international partners who can help facilitate the effort in order to increase global awareness and action. Long term- PVBLIC has also committed to helping the SDG Fund to continue to increase visibility and identify strategic partnerships that will add value from both the public and private sectors over the 15-year agenda.

The SDG Fund’s “Business and the United Nations” report will serve as a critical communications tool and springboard for generating ideas on how to engage the private sector. This vital conversation was initiated at the report’s official launch event Nov. 11th at the United Nations, gathering a diverse audience consisting of UN staff, member states, members of the private sector, and academia.

Moving forward, this report will serve as a basis to drive partnerships and help the SDG Fund identify key private sector partners around the world who will play an influential role in helping to engage the global audience.

To view the full 'Business & the United Nations' Report visit:

To view PVBLIC's featured case study visit:


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