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PVBLIC’s SDG Donor Fund and Pathfinder Labs partner launch the Veteran Impact Donor Fund

November 11th is Armistice Day, honoring the signing of the 1918 treaty that ended World War I and creating a pact for peace. It is also a day traditionally celebrating those who served in their nations' militaries (Veterans Day), and a day dedicated to bringing attention to the contributions successfully reintegrated veterans make in their home communities year-round.

To support the nonprofits helping these veterans transition to a meaningful civilian life, PVBLIC Foundation's SDG Donor Fund and Pathfinder Labs - a women-owned and service-disabled veteran-owned small business - partnered to launch the Veteran Impact Donor Fund. Contributions will assist veteran-focused nonprofits centered around Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Health and Wellbeing), 8 (Work and Economic Growth), and 9 (Innovation and Industry) through innovative technology. The platform integrates into nonprofit operations using feedback and engagement tools along with advanced artificial intelligence analysis, allowing each nonprofit to optimize programs and services increasing the impact they have on the veterans they serve.

"Analysis multiplies the effect of every donation a nonprofit receives. Impact metrics allow them to expand outreach, close gaps and reduce redundancies between what services are needed and what is offered, and fundraise through satisfying grant requirements. This fund lets organizations help more people more often, without touching their programming budgets." - Elana Duffy, CEO and founder of Pathfinder Labs

The Veteran Impact Donor Fund could not come at a better time: recent research indicates the estimated rates of veteran suicide - approximately 7% of daily reported suicides while veterans account for less than 5% of the US adult population - may be only half the actual rate. This community is in a constant mental health crisis, making it critical to provide them with the proper tools to address major issues affecting veteran reintegration such as chronic depression, food insecurity, and increased probability of homelessness.

"Service members face substantial obstacles during their reintegration, but with the right help can become some of the greatest contributors to their larger communities. In working to streamline initiatives that are finding ways to make this population healthier, happier, and more connected we are creating a blueprint for how technology and data can strengthen societies around the world." - Stephen Keppel, President of PVBLIC Foundation

Successful use of the funded technology includes nonprofits increasing their programs and capacities, evidence supporting mental health and wellness policies at state and national levels, and increases in resilience metrics among veterans engaging in these services. In making the Veteran Impact Donor Fund a reality, PVBLIC Foundation and Pathfinder Labs are supporting widespread, sustainable growth and building stronger local communities.

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