PVBLIC Foundation's iconic event for Latin America, returns as Cumbre de Impacto Iberoamericano

In the race for the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Agenda, PVBLIC Foundation’s most emblematic event for Latin-America, the Latino Impact Summit, has undergone significant transformation and from now on it returns totally renewed as CUMBRE DE IMPACTO IBEROAMERICANO.
Built on the legacy of the formerly known Latino Impact Summit, this upcoming CUMBRE DE IMPACTO IBEROAMERICANO holds a new vision that encompasses all nations from the Americas, to also Spain and Portugal, in our relentless pursuit of amplifying the reach and accelerating the achievement of the Global Goals on a global scale.
Seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to the most pressing challenges in the Ibero-American region, the summit will bring together high-level political figures, corporate leaders, NGOs, social activists, and change-makers, among other influential social actors.
Also, PVBLIC Foundation will award the remarkable work of influential agents of change during the ceremony, in recognition of their honorable contributions to a sustainable future in the region.
Taking place on September 22 at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, during the week of the United Nations General Assembly, the event promises transformative conversations with regional leaders. Together, we will explore diverse perspectives on critical issues, including climate action, gender equality, impact financing and investment, circular economy, data, and new technologies, among others.
For this forthcoming edition of the Cumbre de Impacto Iberoamericano, the focus will remain on accelerating impact towards a sustainable future, thus highlighting key areas of action and implementation to accelerate progress, mobilizing the media, data and technologies to achieve the SDGs.

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